Kansa Vadh in 2023

2023 me Kansa Vadh kab hain?

When is Kansa Vadh in 2023?

Kansa Vadh in 2023

22nd November, Wednesday
Kansa Vadh

What is Kansa Vadh?

On Kansa Vadha day Kansa was killed by Lord Krishna and the king Ugrasena was reinstated as King of Mathura.

Kansa Vadh is local festival of Braj region. It is celebrated mainly in city of Mathura. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Chaturvedi community. The word Chaturvedi means Knower of 4 Vedas. The Chaturvedi surname is also known as Chaubey. It is interesting to note that except Chaturvedi community no other caste in Mathura celebrates this festival.

Chaturvedi diaspora from UAE, etc. including Dubai make sure that they visit India to mark their presence for the festival. Not only Indian diaspora in other countries but also members of the Chaturvedi Samaj relocated to other Indian cities including Mumbai make a visit to their home town Mathura. Hence, the event of Kanda Vadh unites Chaturvedi community like no other events in Hindu Calendar.

This festival is observed during Kartik month on Shukla Dashami in Hindu lunar calendar and usually falls after 10 days of Deepavali Lakshmi Puja. Hence for Chaturvedi community Diwali rituals continue till Dashami Tithi and beyond that.

Next day of Kansa Vadh coincides with Dev Uthan Ekadashi day. On this day, Teen Van Parikrama is performed in Braj region. It covers 3 towns in Brij region namely Mathura, Vrindavan and Garun Govind. It is believed that Lord Krishna performed this Parikrama to absolve the sins of killing Kansa. To keep the tradition alive, the folks of Mathura perform Teen Van Parikrama on the next day of Kansa Vadh.

Kansa Vadh in this year 2023

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